Pampering for Self-care & Wellness

Willow Valley Communities Day Spa Team Members.

The Willow Valley Communities Day Spa is a destination for wellness and renewal. It’s a critical component of the comprehensive Mind, Body, Spirit approach to wellness of Willow Valley Communities.

The Day Spa offers many ways to soothe, calm, invigorate, or rejuvenate. A full range of professional services, all performed by our attentive and inviting staff, allows Residents to create their own regimen for personal well-being and beauty. These services include: manicures and pedicures, skin care, facials, revitalizing peels, waxing, tanning, microdermabrasion, and body treatments with a wide range of different massage modalities, wraps, and scrubs.

The Relaxation Room, with its beautiful waterfall and Himalayan Salt Wall, is a main feature of The Day Spa. It provides a peaceful and well-appointed environment in which to relax, and offers a perfect and welcome respite between services. Himalayan salt — rich in negative ions and essential nutrients and minerals — offers numerous health benefits for our bodies, such as stress reduction, energy increases, and mood boosts at a biochemical level.

Day Spa Manager Diamando Wallace says, “Self-care is essential. Although manicures and pedicures are a
well-deserved treat, they offer so much more to Residents’ sense of well-being. You can see the boost in a client’s self-confidence as they walk out feeling refreshed.”

Massages are one of the most popular services requested by Residents, and The Day Spa offers a wide menu of options, including hot stone and aromatherapy. Emily Ransing, Willow Valley Communities’ Day Spa Massage Therapist, says, “Massage is meant to enhance your well-being physically and mentally. I frequently remind my clients that this is their time to focus on themselves to feel healthier. I do all I can to send each client home feeling better than when they arrived.”

A Willow Valley Communities Resident was asked about her massage as she was leaving The Day Spa one afternoon. She said, “After a massage with Emily, your body is so relaxed that you can focus on the things that you often overlook — the air is sweeter, the birds are more melodious, the day is brighter. You are better equipped to face the next days, whatever they may bring.”

As she walked out of the Cultural Center to her car, she added with a smile, “It’s also a way to take the tension out of your body — although there’s not much tension at Willow Valley Communities!”

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