Type-A Lifecare

Our Type-A Lifecare Contract Helps Protect Your Assets

Lifecare is our comprehensive Type-A contract that provides you with short- or long-term care, if you need it, without increasing your monthly service fee.  When you come to Willow Valley Communities as an Independent Living resident, your one-time entrance fee and ongoing monthly service fee include personal care, skilled nursing care, and memory support care if they are ever needed later. Our “Type A” Lifecare contract helps protect you from the ever-escalating costs of long-term care. Additionally, a portion of your entrance fee and monthly fees may be tax deductible as a medical expense.

In contrast to other communities’ fee-for-service contract, which often charges you a daily rate and can quickly deplete your assets, our Lifecare promise offers financial stability. The Lifecare value is amplified by the exceptional, compassionate care you’ll receive to fit your needs, giving you seamless access to a range of supportive living environments including personal care, nursing care, and memory support.

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In addition to the peace of mind of Lifecare, your monthly fee at Willow Valley Communities also covers a long list of expenses that you may already be paying. Your residence, electricity, water, heating and cooling, trash removal, real estate taxes and property insurance are all included in your monthly service fee.

Do you pay for or do you currently perform household chores like snow removal, leaf removal, grass cutting, gardening, trimming, mulching, gutter cleaning and planting? How about exterior painting and repair? Appliance maintenance and repair? How about something as simple as a clogged garbage disposal? These tasks are no longer your worry or responsibility when you live at Willow Valley Communities. Additionally, a flexible dining plan and 24-hour security for your home are included in the monthly fee.

As for enjoying life, how much do you pay each month for activities, entertainment and hobbies? At Willow Valley Communities, your monthly fee also covers a host of entertainment options, shows, activities and clubs. There is also a fitness center, aquatics center, bowling alley, and tennis courts — all available and all included.

Willow Valley Communities and Lifecare offer the opportunity to stay as healthy as possible for as long as possible, while making a wise investment with a financially strong organization. For more than 30 years, Willow Valley Communities has been committed to service excellence in caring and distinctive environments.

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