Our Culture

Creating a Culture of Possibilities

Our Mission
We inspire each person to embrace the possibilities of a life lived forward.

Our Philosophy
We will be a strong organization, glorifying God by serving Him, seeking His will daily, and showing Christian love and respect to others at all times. We will do this by consistently reaching for the highest standards of quality, value, and integrity in every area of service, every facility, every product, and every resource we provide to our Residents, Guests, Customers, Community, and Team Members.

Our Statement of Inclusion
Willow Valley Communities values diversity and inclusion and is committed to a culture of possibilities for all Residents and Team Members in all aspects of their identities such as race, color, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, gender, and disability. Each of us plays a part in respecting relationships by honoring each other with kindness and appreciating our differences as demonstrated through our actions and our words.

Our Values
We create a culture of possibilities for our Willow Valley family and all those we encounter through our promise to:

Make a Difference
To create moments that positively impact others’ lives, the world, and ultimately, ourselves.

Own Excellence
To demonstrate a personal commitment to deliver extraordinary service while creating memorable experiences.

Respect Relationships
To honor each other with kindness and appreciate the value of differences.

Enhance Wellbeing
To inspire wellness in all dimensions by creating a positive environment and promoting a balanced lifestyle for ourselves and others.

Our Vision
To positively transform the way aging is viewed and experienced in our world.

Values in Action

Hear it for yourself

Team members in the Culinary and the Nursing Departments tell just what it’s like to work at Willow Valley Communities.

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