Chautauqua Hall

Bringing Our Residents Together

Chautauqua Hall was named for its purpose; loosely translated from Native American Iroquois, “Chautauqua” means “to bring together” or “to tie together.” At Willow Valley Communities, there’s no better place to gather than Chautauqua Hall.

No matter the event, residents are encouraged to make use of Chautauqua Hall’s one-of-a-kind performance and entertainment space, featuring a stage and professional lighting and sound equipment. Chautauqua Hall can be used for a wide variety of events including picnics, special occasions, and meetings, as well as concerts, movie nights, and dances.

The 9500 square-foot space can seat up to 200 people and features a commercial kitchen, bar and grill, retractable glass doors, and more. The outdoor patio space is the perfect place to enjoy a summer night with friends sitting around the fireplace for a casual evening cookout. You may even want to invite all your loved ones and host your next family reunion here.

The hope is that Chautauqua Hall fosters learning, growth, and companionship among all residents of Willow Valley Communities through our mind, body, and spirit approach to lifelong learning.