Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve created this Frequently Asked Questions page as a resource for you to reference while you browse our site. Or, get more information from our blog, retirement resources, and more.

Residents have nearly endless choices to create as active or relaxed a lifestyle as they wish at Willow Valley Communities. Through our mind, body, and spirit approach to wellness, residents enjoy amenities and programs that focus on the whole person.

For information about fitness amenities, click here.

For a sampling of our clubs and organizations, click here.

To view the most recent Renaissance, our seasonal directory of resident events, seminars, classes, and more, click here.

For an in-depth look at our dining venues and lounges, click here.

In addition, residents enjoy the local downtown scene of Lancaster city, salons at nearly every community, volunteering around the area, dog parks, and more.

For a full list of entrance and monthly fees by residence style click here.

Willow Valley Communities residents pay an entrance fee and recurring monthly service fees. The entrance fee is to purchase a Lifecare contract, and is paid as a condition of entrance to the Community. The entrance fee is paid as follows:

  1. Ten percent (10%) of the entrance fee is paid upon selection of a residence.
  2. Twenty-five percent (25%) of the entrance fee is paid within 30 days after the resident has been notified of medical approval and upon signing of the Resident’s Agreement.
  3. The remaining sixty-five percent (65%) of the entrance fee is paid on the first of either:
    • The date the resident occupies the residence; or
    • Ninety (90) days after selection of the residence, whether or not the resident occupies the residence at that time.

The monthly service fee allows the resident to continue to occupy the residence and to receive the included services that Willow Valley Communities provides as described in the Resident’s Agreement. Residents enjoy a maintenance-free lifestyle in a vibrant and amenity-rich environment. By replacing many current expenses, such as property taxes, utilities, and home maintenance, residents find our monthly fees are affordable and provide many added benefits. In addition, your monthly fee typically qualifies for a significant medical expense tax deduction and protects you from future unpredictable long-term care costs. The monthly service fee is charged to the resident the first of either:

  • The date the resident occupies the residence; or
  • Ninety (90) days after selection of the residence, whether or not the resident occupies the residence at that time.

Your Monthly Service Fee covers most living expenses, plus Lifecare, to create a maintenance-free life. A detailed list of what is included in your Monthly Service Fee is below:

  • Real Estate Taxes
  • Property Insurance
  • Dining
  • Security
  • Scheduled transportation services within Willow Valley Communities to area shopping venues, doctors’ offices, and grocery stores
  • Utilities (everything but TV, phone, and internet)
  • Trash removal
  • 24-Hour Emergency Medical Availability
  • Non-Emergency Nursing Evaluations
  • Snow Removal
  • Grass Cutting
  • Leaf Removal
  • Mulching
  • Plantings
  • Gutter cleaning
  • Exterior Painting & Maintenance
  • Home Repair
    1. Appliance maintenance and inspections
    2. HVAC Maintenance and inspections
  • Entertainment & activities
    1. Educational classes
    2. Lecture series
    3. Seminars
    4. Performances
    5. Indoor/outdoor pool
    6. Golf simulator
    7. Vintage arcade
  • Fitness Membership (plus most classes)
  • Aquatic Membership (plus most classes)

Our comprehensive Type-A Lifecare protects you in the future from unpredictable long-term care costs. If you want to learn more about Type-A Lifecare, visit this page or contact a sales counselor.

Willow Valley Communities maintains a tobacco-free environment. Smoking and/or tobacco
use is strictly prohibited anywhere on Willow Valley Communities property, indoors or out. This policy is inclusive of
all tobacco products, including electronic cigarettes/vaping. This policy applies to everyone,
including Residents, visitors, vendors and Team Members.

Dogs, cats, birds, and fish are acceptable pets for Willow Valley Communities. Reptiles and rodents are not acceptable pets in our community environment.

No more than 3 pets per residence (no maximum on fish).

Residents must notify administration to replace or add a pet.

When moving in, residents must identify a local veterinarian and visit it annually to ensure pets are up-to-date on shots and inoculations.

Pets must be caged or on a leash at all times when outside the residence.

Pet owners must pick up and dispose of all pet waste in a tied bag.

Getting on the waitlist is easy. Just fill out a simple application and a form that lists your preferred floor plan choices (you will need to be financially qualified for your preferences). When you submit that, along with a fully refundable deposit of $2,500 per person, you will be on the waitlist. Contact us to start the process now.

We’re proud to offer more than 100 clubs to our residents at Willow Valley Communities. For a sample list of clubs, click here.

Guests of residents can utilize the Fitness and Aquatics Center for $5 a day (must be 16 years of age or older). Residents should notify the Fitness Center ahead of time, and guest should check in with a Fitness Exercise Specialist upon arrival. If a resident accompanies the guest to the pool, there is no charge.

Fitness and Aquatic classes are only available to guests if space permits. Those participating in classes must pay the $5 daily fee, in addition to any class fee.

Team Members are not permitted to have guests.

Willow Valley Communities sits close to airports and train stations, allowing you to travel to popular destinations like Philadelphia, Washington, D.C., and New York City, or visit loved ones, with ease.


Train stations:

Willow Valley Communities offers a complimentary shuttle service to residents in and around Willow Valley Communities.

  • Blue route (continuous transportation in the morning among the various main entrances around the campuses)
  • Clubhouse shuttle (evening transportation to The Clubhouse with various pick-up and drop-off points around campus)
  • Cultural Center events (bus transportation to evening theater shows and events at the Cultural Center)
  • Yellow route (transportation to areas in the local community like shopping venues and medical offices)
  • “On-demand” service (only available in the afternoons by calling the shuttle drivers directly and arranging a pick-up time)

Should you require door-to-door transportation, fee-for-service shuttles are available for your use.

Willow Valley Communities has several library options on each campus for you to enjoy. The Lakes and North community libraries make up 12,000+ books, DVDs, audiobooks, and educational courses alone. Many residents feel there isn’t any need to go to a public library — the waiting list for best-sellers is short at our libraries and we tend to have most of the latest books and DVDs.

In addition to our community libraries, a representative from the Lancaster Library arrives at The Clubhouse bi-monthly to sign residents up for library cards, bring requested books to residents, and give tutorials on free eBook and eAudiobook resources offered by the Lancaster Public Library.

Included in the Monthly Service Fee is a Dining Credit. Dining credits can be used for food and beverages at any of our 12 dining venues (below). You may opt out of this dining plan at any time and the Monthly Service Fee will be reduced.

Dining venues:

  • Manor main dining room
  • Manor menu dining
  • Lakes main dining room
  • Lakes menu dining
  • North main dining room
  • North menu dining
  • Four Seasons
  • Local Table Restaurant
  • Overlook Artisanal Coffeehouse and Wine Bar
  • Marketplace Café
  • Clubhouse Café
  • Vitality Café

While we don’t offer any chapels on campus, there are chaplains at each community that hold non-denominational religious services for residents.

Willow Valley Communities sits within steps of several congregations and is within 20 minutes of a variety of different churches:

You can buy Willow Valley Communities merchandise including gift cards, apparel, and more on our online store.

Willow Valley offers you three contract refund choices when it comes to your investment. All three include Lifecare coverage. With these options, you have more power to plan for the future that you envision for yourself and your family.

Since its founding, Willow Valley Communities has understood the importance of spirituality to overall health and well-being. Willow Valley Communities employs a team of chaplains to enhance and support the spiritual well-being of residents, residents’ families, and team members. 

There is no one particular faith that one must belong to in order to find a home at Willow Valley Communities; we are welcoming of all faiths. The chaplains are resources who are available to help all residents with their unique religious, spiritual, and pastoral care needs. 

The chaplains of Willow Valley Communities are resources to help residents navigate the challenge of finding a community of worship that they can call home. The chaplain team has developed a Houses of Worship Directory to assist residents in locating a faith community. The directory lists houses of worship within a five mile radius by faith group.

The chaplain team works to care for the spiritual and pastoral needs in the community. Consistent with Willow Valley Communities’ Statement of Inclusion, chaplains are available to all residents regardless of faith tradition. The chaplains minister in all levels of our community such as Residential Living, Personal Care, and Skilled Nursing Care. The chaplains provide:

  • Weekly worship services
  • Small groups for prayer, Bible study, and grief support
  • Religious-themed lectures
  • Mission Trips
  • Visitation (home and hospital visitation)
  • One-on-one support and counseling
  • Celebration of Life services
  • Help in connecting residents with spiritual resources (e.g., houses of worship)

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