outdoor amenities

Outdoor Amenities

Stay Connected to Nature

If you’re looking for independent senior living with gardening opportunities, look no further than Willow Valley Communities. Every season in gorgeous Lancaster County is beautiful and enhanced by the meticulously maintained grounds and gardens at Willow Valley Communities. In addition, our professional landscape experts have included many features and structures that accentuate the beauty of nature itself, including:

If you are a gardener yourself, you can get your hands in the soil with garden plots, prepped for you and your vegetable plants with rich compost and topsoil. Our acres and acres of lush, landscaped grounds offer natural beauty that’s soothing to the soul. Enjoy it at your leisure, or grab a trowel and dig right in.

During the late winter months, our residents have the opportunity to sign up and request raised gardening beds, or small or large garden plots in a variety of sizes. Resident gardens are available on both Manor and Lakes campuses and you’ll have the choice of where you’d like to garden.

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