Fitness Center

Fitness in Retirement, Personalized For You

Willow Valley Communities believes in honoring each resident’s mind, body, and spirit. Our 7,600 square-foot fitness center, 12,000 square-foot aquatics center, and dedicated team of professional trainers cater to residents of all fitness levels – with equipment, classes, and personalized instruction.

At Willow Valley Communities, it’s our mission to provide each resident with the tools necessary to achieve his or her optimal level of fitness and well-being. Our high-quality and varied programming, top-of-the-line equipment, and a knowledgeable, caring professional staff are here to support and motivate you in any fitness endeavor.

We’ve established a comprehensive orientation to help you put the right foot forward in your fitness journey with Willow Valley Communities. After orientation has been completed, residents should use their fob to check in at the Concierge desk of the Cultural Center before utilizing the fitness or aquatics amenities.

Shorts, shirts, warm-up suits and other exercise apparel that does not restrict movement or risk getting caught in moving equipment is appropriate. Apparel should be free from tears, patches, rips and/or inappropriate wording or logos. Closed-toed athletic shoes must be worn at all times in the Center for Vitality.

Individuals may be approached by a fitness specialist if his/her apparel choice is deemed inappropriate for the environment. The Fitness Staff reserves the right to make the final decision on the appropriateness of any attire in question.

  • Cleaning: Please use the disposable cleaning wipes provided by the Fitness Center to wipe down equipment after use. Return weights, balls, mats, etc. to their proper locations.
  • Cell Phones: Please refrain from using your cell phone for personal calls inside the Fitness Center. Phone conversations should be taken outside.
  • Food/Beverages: Food and/or open beverages are not permitted in the locker rooms, on the pool deck, or in the Fitness Center. Water coolers are located in the Fitness Center, Aquatics Center, and across from the train room in the Cultural Center. Water bottles with lids are permitted in the Fitness and Aquatic Centers.
  • Guests: Guest privileges are intended for occasional use by out-of-town guests and should not be used as a regular gym membership. Visitors of residents are also welcome to use the fitness centers at Manor, Lakes, North, Garden apartments, and Vistas, free of charge.
  • Smoking: Smoking is not permitted on the Willow Valley Communities campus.
  • Towels: Willow Valley Communities provides sweat towels, bath towels and towels for the aquatic center for residents and team members. Used towels should be discarded in the designated drop locations in the locker rooms.

Willow Valley Communities is proud to be the only senior living community that offers a range of new and exciting fitness classes and equipment. Below, you’ll find a list of equipment and group classes offered by the Center for Vitality.

  • Treadmills
  • Cybex Arc Trainers
  • Octane Riders
  • Expresso interactive bikes
  • Krankcycles (featuring Cardio Theater)
  • Strength training machines, kettle bells and free weights
  • A cushioned indoor track
  • TRX bands
  • Core Power: Focused on improving strength and flexibility of your core. Exercises in this class include lying, kneeling, and standing. This is an appropriate class for healthy beginners and intermediate level exercisers.
  • ExerStretch!: Designed to improve flexibility, strength, balance, and aerobic fitness in a low-impact environment. Relaxation and breathing techniques are also incorporated into this workout. This class specifically welcomes beginners.
  • Fitness Fusion: Intended to spice up workouts, this circuit-training class fuses a variety of exercise formats into one class. Move through aerobic and strength training stations to achieve maximum fitness results. Healthy beginners and intermediate level exercisers are encouraged to participate.
  • Muscle Moves: Devised to strengthen muscles, this class uses free weights, bands, core balls and occasionally body bars to strengthen muscles by focusing on the upper and lower body, as well as muscles of the core.
  • Pilates: A combination of breathing and exercise to improve core strength, flexibility, and body awareness.
  • Spinning: Indoor cycling class set to music meant to increase your lower body strength and cardiovascular endurance.
  • Step it Up: Choreographed step aerobics routine to increase your aerobic stamina and burn calories. Previous step experience is required.
  • Tai Chi
    • Beginner: Use slow, smooth movements to improve both body and mind.
    • Intermediate: Continuation of Beginner Tai Chi with more difficult movements.
    • Advanced: Continuation of Intermediate Tai Chi with increasingly more difficult movements.
  • Yoga: Tailored to increase energy, improve flexibility, strengthen, and create balance throughout your entire body, this class uses static and dynamic poses in lying, kneeling, sitting and standing poses.
  • Zumba: High-intensity Latin dance workout.
  • Zumba Gold: Enjoy a low-intensity alternative to the high-powered Zumba class. Improve your stamina, balance and coordination in this high-energy class.