Spirituality: A Touchstone of Well-being

Since its founding nearly 40 years ago, Willow Valley Communities has understood the importance of spirituality to overall health and well-being. A team of chaplains is here to enhance and support the spiritual well-being of Residents, Residents’ families, and Team Members throughout our community. Chaplains are available to all Residents regardless of their faith tradition.

Willow Valley Communities’ Chaplains — Edward Runkle, Supportive Living Chaplain; Scott Johnston, Lakes Campus Chaplain; John Kelly, Lakeside Chaplain; and Ken Phillips, Manor Campus Chaplain — all agree that taking care of our soul leads us to being a fully whole, fully integrated, healthy person. They say that we can become sick in our soul just as we can become sick in our mind and body, and neglect and disregard of our spirit will eventually lead to “soul-sickness.” The soul, mind, and body all work together. Chaplain Runkle explains, “There’s a synergy. A relatively healthy soul will positively influence our mind and body.”

At Willow Valley Communities, just as there are opportunities for Residents to take care of their minds and bodies, there are a multitude of ways to tend to their souls. The chaplains minister in all levels of our community, such as Residential Living, Personal Care, and Skilled Nursing Care. They provide weekly worship services, small groups for prayer, Bible study, grief support, religious-themed lectures, mission trips, home and hospital visitation, one-on-one support and counseling, Celebration of Life services, and help in connecting Residents with spiritual resources. (Willow Valley Communities is within a few minutes’ drive of a wide variety of churches, synagogues, mosques, temples, and other places of worship.)

At Willow Valley Communities, we encourage a Mind, Body, Spirit approach to all areas of wellness. Our team of chaplains is on campus to ensure intentional, consistent, and persistent care to prevent the decline in spirit — just as Willow Valley Communities does for the body and mind.

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