IntegrityForward Health Solutions: New On-Campus Health Service

IntegrityForward Health Solutions

A Healthcare Partnership, Empowering Health for a Life Lived Forward

Willow Valley Communities is delighted to announce the opening of IntegrityForward Health Solutions VIA Willow Valley. Located next to Midrise on the Lakes Campus, the new office is led by nurse practitioner Pamela K. Bailey, CRNP, FNP-BC, Willow Valley Communities’ Senior Director of Resident Health & Wellness Services. The practice is staffed with another full-time clinical nurse practitioner, Rebecca “Becky” Poole, CRNP, and a PRN (“as needed”) nurse practitioner. Its services are, or will soon be, available to Willow Valley Communities Residents and SmartLife Members, and to assist newly hired Team Members in their onboarding process.

Enthusiastically explaining the benefits of this new convenience for Residents, Pam says, “IntegrityForward Health Solutions truly embodies Willow Valley Communities’ philosophy of wellness, well-being, and yes, Life Lived Forward, with a mind, body, spirit approach. IntegrityForward will provide primary care for Residents, but more importantly, it will help Residents develop individualized goals towards wellness and prevention.”

She further explains, “We will treat acute illnesses as they occur, but our hope and goal is that we will really get to know someone over time as their primary care provider. We want to have a relationship with them, building their health goals with them and working together towards those goals.”

Pam and the IntegrityForward Health Solutions Team will focus on taking the time needed to build those patient-provider relationships. “Our aim is to give patients quality service,” she says. “We don’t want to hold just 10- or 15-minute appointments. We want to make sure we give people enough time. We are not going to rush.”

Pam adds, “We don’t have a patient quota like other medical offices. I really want the team to feel like they can take the time to listen to the Residents. The main goal is establishing that relationship and that individual plan. We are not a factory.” In addition to in-person appointments, virtual visits may also be utilized to achieve this goal.

Meet The IntegrityForward Health Solutions Team

Rebecca Poole, CRNP
Primary Clinical Nurse Practitioner
Becky has many years of experience as a nurse, and a primary care provider. She is credentialed as a Nurse Practitioner through the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners. Becky graduated from Brandywine Hospital School of Nursing, Pennsylvania College of Health Sciences, and Millersville University.

Andrea Petrokonis DNP, FNP-BC
Nurse Practitioner, limited part-time
Andrea is credentialed as a nurse practitioner through the American Nurses Credentialing Center, and has several decades of experience as a nurse practitioner. She is a graduate from Lankenau Hospital School of Nursing, Eastern University, University of Pennsylvania, and Widener University.

Jennifer Weaver, RN, BSN
Office Manager
Jenny has worked at Willow Valley Communities for 25 years. She was a member of the Resident Nursing team on the Manor Campus for most of those years. Jenny graduated from the Pennsylvania College of Health Sciences, and Aspen University.

Yvette Hudson, LPN
Office Coordinator
Yvette is a graduate of the Lancaster County Career and Technology Center. She worked as part of the infection prevention team at Willow Valley Communities and for many years as a nurse educator and in skilled care.

Mary Ellen Clark-Pienciak, RN
Wellness Nurse, limited part-time
Mary Ellen has over 46 years of nursing experience. After working 20 years at Willow Valley Communities, she recently retired from Lakeside where she was the Director of Nursing. Mary Ellen graduated from Lancaster General School of Nursing and Franklin & Marshall College.

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