Now is a Great Time to Explore Willow Valley Communities

Willow Valley Communities’ Manager of Sales, Margie Seagers, has been pleasantly surprised by the recent increased interest she’s received from prospects wanting to learn more about life in our communities. As 2020 came to a close, she found many seniors in a reflective mood, examining where they had been, where they are now, as well as where and how they want to spend the next phase of their lives.

“I’ve been hearing from seniors that they want the increased support from a community they can trust,” Margie said. She added that the people she’s been hearing from have been doing a good job at staying safe in their own homes, but over time it’s gotten pretty lonely. It’s also been difficult to have consistent services on their own during the pandemic. “As much as people say they can depend on their adult children or close friends to help them, there does come a time when that person is unable to help because of their own family obligations.”

Margie has also found that Willow Valley Communities’ 35-plus years’ reputation of excellence in senior living means even more now to seniors — especially Baby Boomers. She said that Lifecare, Willow Valley Communities’ financially smart contract that promises supportive care, if ever needed, without an increase to monthly service fees, especially has caught their attention. Baby Boomers traditionally want to feel empowered to make their own decisions, and they’ve spent their time researching. They desire a secure community environment, but they want the facts, and Willow Valley Communities has several ways to tell them more about what senior living options are available to them. “We are happy to have that conversation, in person or online, to give them all the information they need to make a decision that is right for them,” she said.

Margie said she’s had many visitors who have come to Willow Valley Communities during the COVID-19 pandemic for a safe, socially distant, in-person informational meeting. “The process is very easy,” she explained. “Everyone goes through our screening process at the Cultural Center just two minutes away from the Welcome Center, where we then can meet.” The Welcome Center has specially adapted, socially distant — and private — meeting areas. Prospects can comfortably meet with a Sales Counselor and get all the information they need about becoming a Resident at Willow Valley Communities. Tours are available for those interested in seeing more.

For those who prefer a virtual meeting from the comfort of their own home, that is also easy to arrange. Willow Valley Communities’ Sales Counselors are happy to arrange an online Zoom meeting at a prospect’s convenience. “And it’s as detailed as an in-person meeting,” Margie noted. “Willow Valley Communities’ Sales Counselors are known for their thorough knowledge of senior living and are able to explain all options thoroughly during an online meeting.” She also said that, if needed, Sales Counselors can show close-up features of a specific residence, virtually, to a prospective Resident. Plus, virtual tours of Willow Valley Communities’ campus are always available online at “It’s almost like being right here!” Margie quipped.

If you’re considering a move to a secure senior living community, Willow Valley Communities is ready to provide all the information you need, whenever and however you wish. Whether it’s in person, online by appointment, or through, Willow Valley Communities is available to help you imagine your Life Lived Forward.

Schedule your visit today by calling, 877.503.0774 or by visiting our website.

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