Lifecare: One Simple Question is Key to Well-being

The Comey families.

Willow Valley Communities Residents have an advantage when it comes to their mental and emotional well-being — and it comes from an unexpected source. It’s not meditation or dinners with friends (although those are great too!). It’s our Type-A Lifecare contract, which protects their assets from the ever-escalating costs of long-term care.
Residents often advise others to ask one question while exploring senior living communities:

What happens to my monthly fee if I ever need additional care?

At Willow Valley Communities, the answer is…nothing. Our Type-A Lifecare contract ensures your monthly fee never increases because of a need for additional supportive care. When you come to Willow Valley Communities as an Independent Living Resident, the one-time entrance fee and ongoing monthly service fee include exceptional, compassionate short- and long-term care, if ever needed, in a range of supportive living environments, including personal care, skilled nursing care, and memory support.

Willow Valley Communities is the only exclusively Type-A Lifecare contract community in Lancaster County. In contrast to some communities’ fee-for-service contracts, which often charge a daily rate that quickly adds up and can deplete assets, our Lifecare contract protects assets by keeping Residents’ monthly fee consistent. (Additionally, a portion of their entrance and monthly fees may be tax deductible as a medical expense.) Residents and their families are grateful for this financial safety net, saying that knowing what their costs are going to be in the future is paramount to their mental and emotional well-being.

Lifecare was one of the reasons brothers John Comey, from Camp Hill, PA, and Jim Comey, from Kennett Square, PA, moved to Willow Valley Communities. John and his wife, Barbara, moved to Spring Run in October 2021, and Jim soon followed with his wife, Patricia, to a SouthPointe villa in November 2021.

The Comey brothers knew they had to be proactive with their own long-term care needs having experienced care challenges for their aging parents and other loved ones in the past. “Willow Valley Communities checked all the boxes on our list,” says John. “A beautiful campus, tons of amenities, a perfect central location, and a sterling reputation for addressing long-term care needs via their Type-A Lifecare contract. Now we have the freedom to enjoy life’s next adventure knowing that our future is secure.”

As a published writer, Jim often refers to a simple quote from one of his favorite authors, Jonathan Swift, when asked how he feels about the peace of mind of Lifecare: “May you live every day of your life.”
He adds, “Willow Valley Communities’ Lifecare is one of the finest gifts we’ve given ourselves and our children. Peace of mind wrapped in a gorgeous campus filled with remarkable, vibrant people.”

Now that’s well-being.

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