Jean and Coleman Harris: Strategic Decisions

The Harrises moved from Northern Virginia in 2012 and said they have felt “blessed” every day at Willow Valley
Communities during the COVID-19 pandemic. “Willow Valley Communities’ leadership team made strategic decisions that took quick action to protect Residents and their Team Members from the virus,” Coleman said. The Harrises said they appreciate the transparency and immediacy with which Willow Valley Communities communicates both in writing and through their weekly COVID-19 Update broadcast.
The couple also noted they feel more comfortable living in a community rather than alone in their single-family home, where they had to worry about house maintenance, meal preparation, shopping, and more. The Harrises are impressed with the expertise of Willow Valley Communities’ Infection Prevention Manager, Pamela Kinsey, who works full-time on processes to help mitigate the virus. They have learned a lot from Pam as she continually updates Residents on the ever-changing COVID-19 science and numbers in the county, state, and nation.
Coleman and Jean also stressed that though the above points are important, nothing is more significant than knowing that the total focus of all Team Members is on the Residents of Willow Valley Communities. “The key,” they said, “is their work ethic, dedication, education, skills, motivation, and the difference they make day in and day out twenty-four hours a day.”

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