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The hustle and bustle of the holiday season has past, and the New Year is upon us. If your resolutions included improving your hearing, Integrity Hearing Solutions VIA Willow Valley, Willow Valley Communities’ in-house audiology practice is a smart and convenient choice. Located on Willow Valley Communities’ campus, better hearing is closer and easier than you think.

If you are unsure of whether you have hearing loss or not, consider scheduling a complimentary hearing screening. This short assessment provides enough information to determine whether you have hearing loss, and if so how much.

If you know you have hearing loss or already have hearing aids, a hearing evaluation is the place to start. Evaluations are covered by most insurance plans and provide a more complete description of your hearing. A review of the results is provided so that you understand your individual strengths and weaknesses. Recommendations are discussed, such as having a medical evaluation (if deemed necessary), or considering hearing aids. A demonstration is usually included, allowing you to experience amplified sound to see what differences you notice. We invite patients to bring a significant other or a family member to this appointment so the hearing loss can be understood by those close to the patient.

If hearing aids are recommended, and you are ready to discuss options, a hearing aid consultation is scheduled and is often done in conjunction with a hearing evaluation. We discuss what products will work specifically for you and invite your input. What style of hearing aid do you like? What is your lifestyle like – do you spend a lot of time in quiet places, or are you always on the go, spending time in many different types of listening environments? Do you want your hearing aids to sync with other listening devices like iPods or iPhones? Is music important to you? Answers to these questions will guide the recommendation that is made for you. This appointment will also include information on the best pricing for hearing instruments for you utilizing nation-wide discount programs. Some of these programs are offered as part of Medicare supplements, and others are available regardless of insurance coverage.

Audiology services are available in several locations on the Willow Valley campuses.

  • Main office: North building, 3rdfloor, near Coffee Lounge. This is the preferred location for hearing evaluations because of the sound booth.
  • Satellite location: Lakes building, 1stfloor Resident Nursing office on Monday and Thursday afternoons. General service and adjustment appointments can be scheduled at this location.
  • On-site Services: Services provided on-site, mostly in supportive living, and typically on Tuesdays

Why choose Integrity Hearing Solutions VIA Willow Valley?

There are hearing healthcare providers in the Lancaster area, but there are some differences between Integrity Hearing Solutions and other hearing providers.

  • Convenience – located on the Willow Valley campus
  • Access to discounted pricing similar to what’s offered at “big box” stores
  • Professional guidance by an experienced, honest, audiologist
  • Education is emphasized so that individuals can confidently choose the right solution for themselves

Give us a call today: 717-464-6411

Integrity Hearing Solutions VIA Willow Valley
600 Willow Valley Square , Lancaster, Pennsylvania, 17602

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