Integrity Hearing Solutions VIA Willow Valley Welcomes Audiologist, Dr. Surayya Martin

Meet Dr. Surayya Martin, Audiologist, who joined the Integrity Hearing Solutions VIA Willow Valley staff this past fall.  We are excited to have Surayya join our team as we meet the growing needs of audiology in Lancaster. She will be working primarily out of the North office at Willow Valley Communities, sharing in the daily responsibilities of the office work and patient flow.

To get to know Surayya better, we asked her a few questions:

 Why did you choose to pursue a career in audiology?

Surayya: I always wanted to work in a service related field since I was young. I began my formal education at Temple University (Philadelphia, PA) as biology major with my intentions set on physical therapy career or even medical school. However, while waiting around for a friend, I read through Temple’s department and course catalog. I stopped on the Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders, read the department’s mission statement and I was sold! Soon after, I changed my major, completed my first audiology class, and never looked back. Ironically at the same time, my mother was finally accurately diagnosed by an audiologist with an inner ear disorder which had gone undiagnosed and untreated for the previous 6 months. I took it as a sign that this was the path for me!

I love audiology in that I get see patients of all different ages in various settings from hospital newborn hearing screenings to fitting hearing aids on school-aged children to supporting the hearing health care needs of the highly-active 55+ retirement community here at Willow Valley. I committed to building relationships, providing personalized hearing health care plans, and educating patients about hearing loss and amplification.

What do you want patients to know about you?

Surayya: I live in York County, Pa, but have practiced most of my career in various counties in south-eastern Pennsylvania. Amazingly, I have married my high school sweetheart and we have two children, who we truly adore. Being an audiologist can be hard work, but I have found being a military family with young kiddos even harder.

 What do you do when you’re not seeing patients at Willow Valley Communities?

Surayya: My family and I enjoy spending time outside enjoying the local parks and trails. We absolutely love cooking and baking sweet treats together for ourselves and our extended family!

Call Integrity Hearing Solutions today and come meet Surayya, 717.464.6411 or email, 

Integrity Hearing Solutions VIA Willow Valley, a Lancaster audiology practice, is open to the public and located in the North building at Willow Valley Communities, 600 Willow Valley Square, Lancaster, PA. 

UPDATE:  Integrity Hearing Solutions at Willow Valley Communities is currently open to residents however, we are temporarily closed to visitors. Please visit this Willow Valley Communities webpage for updates:


Integrity Hearing Solutions VIA Willow Valley

 Did you know that Willow Valley Communities has an audiology department with services available to residents and non-residents alike?

Integrity hearing solutions VIA Willow Valley is a full-service hearing health care practice located on Willow Valley Communities Manor campus. New patients are always welcome.

At Integrity Hearing Solutions, we approach hearing loss differently from others in the industry. During consultations, we emphasize education because we believe people make the best decisions when they understand their options. And we facilitate the purchase of hearing aids through nation-wide discount programs to achieve the best pricing. Typical savings are about 30% off of private practice pricing.

In the spirit of Willow Valley Communities, Integrity Hearing Solutions was established to promote health and well-being. We are committed to our mission of helping individuals lead a vibrant, active lifestyle. Integrity Hearing Solutions services are provided in the Willow Valley tradition of advocacy and honesty.


Our Services:

Otoscopic examination of the ear

Complimentary hearing screenings

Comprehensive audiological and hearing aid evaluations

Computerized verification of hearing aid fittings


Our Treatments:

Cerumen (ear wax) management

Hearing aid consultations / demonstrations

Hearing aid purchases using discount programs for most competitive pricing

Reprogramming existing hearing aids

Servicing of all makes and models

Counseling in better communication strategies

Since hearing loss is not painful, many overlook its impact on their overall health. Improved hearing can contribute to an enriched quality of life. Better hearing means better health (and vice versa!). Call Integrity Hearing Solutions today, 717.464.6411 or email, 

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