Summer greenness and soft textures, rich colors and sprawling vines, vibrant reds and oranges, lettuce in rows or nature’s chaos, mouthwatering tomatoes and stringy beans, butterflies and bees, zinnias and more.

Gardens are what you make them and here at Willow Valley Communities you get to choose.  Do you want to enjoy the view, without the work? Or is gardening in your blood and one of those things you’ll never stop doing? If you’re someone who needs to get your fingers in the soil, we have a garden plot for you.

During the late winter months, our residents have the opportunity to sign up and request raised gardening beds, or small or large garden plots in a variety of sizes. Resident gardens are available on both Manor and Lakes campuses and you’ll have the choice of where you’d like to garden.

It’s often been said that soil is the secret to successful gardening. When early spring rolls around, our grounds crews are here to help.  Fresh nutrient based top soil is added and then tilled in to create a loose and fluffy loam, filled with air that plant roots need for vigorous plant growth.

You’ll need plenty of water to keep things lush when the mercury soars, and the summer heatwaves arrive, and we’ve got you covered. Our resident gardens are within reach of water hoses for keeping your plants luscious and healthy in the summer sun.

Some of our gardeners are so prolific that they create an overabundance of produce, more than any one person could use. To make sure that no produce goes to waste, our resident gardening groups have a relationship with the local food bank. The opportunity to donate healthy food is a satisfying way for Willow Valley Communities residents to give back to the local community.

Gardening at Willow Valley Communities is the best of both worlds. All you have to do is plant, weed, and enjoy. Call us and ask to see for yourself. (800) 770.5445.

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