Brian and Dottie Giersch: The Best Place They Can Be

Brian and Dottie Giersch, originally from Maryland, and retired to North Carolina, moved to Willow Valley Communities in 2018. They noted that COVID-19 has been difficult for everyone across the country — but agreed that Willow Valley Communities has been “amazing with maintaining an environment that protects us all.” Their daughter, a professional in the healthcare industry, told them that she thought they are in the best place they can be, affirming their decision to make Willow Valley Communities their home.
Dottie listed all of the activities Willow Valley Communities has arranged online and through the in-house television broadcast “keeping us happy and healthy.” Fitness classes all day long, as well as Facebook Live fitness classes, keep the Giersches moving. Education classes every day keep them learning, and the nightly movies keep the couple entertained.
Dottie also remarked on the number of new people she’s met just by her increased walks along the campus’s trails. “Willow Valley Communities has done a tremendous job in keeping us actively engaged mentally, as well as keeping us physically healthy with exercise and healthy meals,” she said.

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