Baby Boomers Embrace New Design Trend in Retirement

Willow Valley Communities, a premier 55-plus community in Lancaster, sees many of our new Baby Boomer residents express the joy they feel moving into a smaller, maintenance-free residence. They are excited to begin this new stage of their lives, without so much clutter slowing them down.

Baby Boomers see that with the freedom of downsizing their possessions comes the freedom of downsizing their space. In fact, rather than saying “downsizing” many of these residents prefer the term “rightsizing.” And when they rightsize, they can revisit passions that they have had to put aside or explore new ones that they have always been curious about. For many Boomers, retirement is a time when they can do whatever they want, whenever they want. And they don’t want to have a house full of stuff getting in their way.

Plus, rightsizing opens up a whole new way to decorate and accessorize their home.

Willow Valley Communities sees many Boomers who can’t wait to get started on this journey, and we invite you to join them. To inspire you with ideas, we are offering complimentary Rightsizing Seminars and Tours. At the seminar, tips and tricks gleaned from other Boomer residents about the rightsizing process will be presented. You’ll be inspired with a tour of creatively furnished one-bedroom apartments. They’re filled with lots of innovative ideas and space-maximizing strategies to help visualize your perfect home.

You’ll also learn about Willow Valley Communities’ award-winning amenities like The Clubhouse and the Cultural Center – along with hundreds of clubs, and programs, and world class entertainment available on our stunning 210-acre campus.

And everything is included with the wise security of Willow Valley Communities’ Lifecare. With Lifecare, residents’ monthly fees won’t increase because of a need for increased supportive care later. Boomers will be able to quickly see the multitude of fresh life possibilities – security for life – awaiting them at Willow Valley Communities. You may be retired from paid work, but you are hardly retired from life. And that also feels “right.”


Find out more. Contact us today to reserve your space at our next Rightsizing Seminar on April 2, 2020 or call to arrange for your own personalized tour. It’s the perfect start to living a rightsized life of passion and experiences – not possessions and clutter. Call, 877.503.0774 or email,

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