The Wetlands at Spring Run

Landscape photo

View 360 view of the Wetlands at Spring Run

The Spring Run natural wetlands extend the entire length of our Spring Run building. These wetlands are a mini-ecosystem that supports all kinds of indigenous plants and wildlife.

The wetlands filter nitrates that originate from nearby farmland and turf runoff out of the water. Plants along the meandering stream readily take up the excess nitrogen as nutrients and prevent problems downstream. Plants filter silt from the runoff and the silt encourage the growth of more plants providing food and cover for many species of birds and animals.

Willow Valley Communities Ground’s Manager, Joel Schock recently gave a presentation explaining the maintenance and care that is required to keep our wetlands natural and beautiful. Plantings are diverse and native species thrive in this environment.

Here is a list of the native plants currently growing in our wetlands:

  • Eastern Red Bud Tree
  • River Birch
  • Paw-Paw Tree
  • Golden Rod
  • Swamp Milk Weed
  • Purple Stemmed Aster
  • Rudebeckia
  • Soft Rush

The wetlands area is just one example of the many soothing outdoor spaces on the Willow Valley Communities campuses. With miles of biking and hiking trails and other recreational areas, there are countless ways to be immersed in nature.

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