The Gardeners’ Share

Willow Valley Communities resident gardens are brimming with fresh, healthy vegetables this summer! Did you know that each week the extra veggies are donated to a local food bank?
Willow Valley Communities residents, Mary Stehman and Carroll Adams, are pictured here with the bounty of veggies harvested and ready to be donated from the Manor resident gardens. The extra veggies from the Manor gardens are collected on Monday mornings and driven to the food bank around noon. All Willow Valley Communities residents are invited to join in and share their fresh and healthy extras. Produce needs to be placed in the white coolers, located in the Garden Gazebo, every Monday by 12 noon.
Gardening is a choice at Willow Valley Communities. Whether you love to get your hands in the soil to garden or not, it’s completely up to you. Here you can choose to plan, and care for a garden of your own, or just sit back and watch our grounds teams do all the work. 
Look for an article all about the gardens and resident gardeners in our next Willow magazine!
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