LIFECARE : Security for the Future

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Residents Armand and Barbara Weller, originally from Pennsylvania, lived in Florida for twenty years, Armand as a pastor near Clearwater and Barb a constitutional lawyer. When Armand retired in 2012, the Wellers decided to move back to Pennsylvania. They had grown tired of the Florida heat, and the threat of hurricanes was always looming. They missed the four seasons, and Barb especially missed snow. Also, they said, they just simply missed the beauty of Lancaster County.

After exploring senior living options, they chose Willow Valley Communities. Armand said that one of the main things that drew them here was Willow Valley Communities’ Type-A Lifecare contract. The Wellers had long-term care insurance, but after looking at their contract, they decided they could cancel it. “We saved money because we didn’t have to pay that premium anymore.” In his words, “It’s all taken care of at Willow Valley Communities.”

The Type-A Lifecare contract is Willow Valley Communities’ comprehensive promise that provides you with short- or long-term care, if you ever need it, without increasing your monthly service fee. When you come to Willow Valley Communities as an Independent Living Resident, your  one-time entrance fee and ongoing monthly service fee include personal care, skilled nursing care, and memory support care if ever needed. Additionally, a portion of your entrance fee and monthly fees may be tax deductible as a medical expense.

Our Type-A Lifecare contract helps protect you from the ever-escalating costs of long-term care. In contrast to some other communities’ fee-for-service contracts, which often charge a daily rate that quickly adds up and can deplete assets, Willow Valley Communities’ Lifecare contract offers financial predictability. The Lifecare value is amplfied by the exceptional, compassionate care you’ll receive to fit your needs, giving you seamless access to a range of supportive living environments, including personal care, nursing care, and memory support.

Willow Valley Communities Residents love their Lifecare contracts and say they and their families are grateful for the safety net for the future with no increased monthly fee or worry. They know what their costs are going to be. Residents advise other seniors who are exploring communities to ask one simple question:

“What happens to my monthly fee if I ever need additional care?”

Armand admits Lifecare wasn’t the only thing that drew him and Barb to Pennsylvania and to Willow Valley Communities. There was one other thing: “Yes — we missed the seasons, and yes, we missed the snow. But at Willow Valley Communities, I don’t have to shovel it!fi

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