Attention Nature Lovers!

Did you know there is a garden on campus that has recently received a designation as a Certified Pollinator Garden? On our Lakes campus, near the historic Mylin House, sits a beautiful garden known for attracting huge numbers of bees, butterflies, insects, and birds.  We’re happy to announce that this lovely garden is now Penn State Master Gardener Certified as an official Pennsylvania Pollinator Friendly Garden!  Congratulations to Willow Valley Communities residents Annabelle Simpson and Susan Kelly. The work they’ve done is truly masterful.

Willow Valley Communities residents Annabelle Simpson and Susan Kelly standing in their newly certified Pollinator Garden.

Over two years ago Annabelle Simpson took the initiative to adopt a portion of the perennial flower bed to cultivate it for pollinators. Last year Susan Kelly joined her to progressively remodel the perennial bed into an inviting spot for various species of bees, butterflies, insects, and birds. This summer the flowers have been beautiful and the pollinators have been busy.

If you’re a nature lover you’ll feel right at home at Willow Valley Communities. In addition to this garden, there are more amazing resident gardens full of flowers and vegetables, natural wetlands complete with native plants, and beautiful vistas in every season with colorful landscape views covering both of our campuses.

Call us to schedule your visit and we’ll show you! Call, 877.503.0774 or email, We’ll look forward to seeing you!

Find out more about Pollinator Gardens on the Penn State website.

From the Penn State website:

What do pollinators do?

Pollination, the transfer of pollen from the anthers of a flower to the stigma of the same flower or of another flower, is vital to our food supply. Insects and other animals are a key element in facilitating this transfer. In fact, one of every three bites of food comes to us by pollinators!

Penn State Master Gardeners take action to help pollinators

Pollinators need our help. Both native bees and domestic bee populations are declining, affected by habitat loss, disease and contact with pesticides. Penn State Extension Master Gardeners are taking action to protect pollinators by planting pollinator friendly gardens and providing education for the gardening public. You can join this effort by providing food and habitat for native insects/animals. Pollinators will, in turn, provide the pollination needed to protect our plant diversity and food sources. Certifying your property as “Pollinator Friendly” will help support a healthy ecosystem for our community and our future.

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