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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers About SouthPointe

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Selection & Availability

At the time of selection, you will need to submit a deposit equal to 10% of the entrance fee for the particular residence selected along with a completed application.

If you are interested in a later building, you can join our Intent List which requires a fully-refundable deposit of $2,000/person.

Financial & Sales Progression

Your entrance fee deposits are 100% refundable until move-in and up to 120 days after move-in. Payments for optional upgrades are non-refundable.

We will provide a schedule with the approximate dates for medical approval, Resident’s Agreement signing, and Design Center meetings. You’ll also make a 25% deposit when you sign the Resident’s Agreement.

We will prompt you when these activities need to take place.

When you select your apartment, we will give you a projected completion date. At least 60 days before, we will notify you of the exact date of availability. Your 65% entrance fee deposit will be due and your monthly fee will begin upon move-in, or 60 days after the availability date, whichever occurs first.

The wait list deposit goes toward the 65% (of entrance fee) final payment.

Move-ins will take place when construction on an entire building is completed. We will be starting with Buildings M and N.

You will have 60 days from the date of completion to move in.

Design & Construction

Yes. Modifications such as this should be done by Willow Valley Communities.

Floor plans of this nature will be provided to future Residents who have selected their apartment. Lighting will be reviewed during option selections. All windows are double glazed and have an operable sash.

Standard finishes include hardwood floor in the living area, choice of cabinets, choice of granite countertops, and stainless steel appliances shown in the Design Center.  Upgrade options will be reviewed at the design selection appointment.

Please bring the specs/sample along to your options selections meeting and we will find the product you are seeking.

Two of the buildings are one story; three of them are two story. Across from villa #173 is a single story building, 25′ to roof peak, as is the one to its right. To its left is a 2 story building, 35′ to roof peak.

Hardwood will be standard in the entry, powder room, kitchen, living room and dining room. Carpet is standard in the bedrooms. You can only add hardwood in a bedroom if you are on the ground floor.

Site Plan & Floor Plan

Two of the buildings are one story; three of them are two story. Across from villa #173 is a single story building, 25′ to roof peak, as is the one to its right. To its left is a 2 story building, 35′ to roof peak.

The Cultural Center will be almost directly across the street from Building O. One would simply walk down this road, shown on the site plan, to arrive at the Cultural Center.

Conveniently located on the Lakes campus, culinary options near SouthPointe apartments include the Vitality Café at the Cultural Center, Market Place Café at the Lakes, Four Seasons Restaurant at Spring Run and the Lakes Dining Room.

Each building will have a small common space on the 3rd floor.

There will be extra parking spots available in the parking garage as well as plenty of parking outside of the building.


Yes.  In addition, you have the option to contract with Willow Valley for phone, internet, and TV services.

A washer and dryer is included in your apartment.

This is not under consideration at this time. A resident may take the meal plan or opt out of it. If you opt out of the meal plan, you are certainly still able to enjoy all of the dining venues on campus and simply pay as you go.

Willow Valley Communities will provide meal delivery service to the Residence if the Resident is receiving care for minor illness and if such service is ordered by the Resident’s physician or Willow Valley Communities Administration. Opting out of the meal plan results in a credit of $295 per person/per month (in 2021).

The Dining Credit program increases are considered independently of the annual Monthly Service Fee increase. The amount charged and value received may change at percentages different from the Monthly Service Fee increase.

In preparation for our additional Residents coming to SouthPointe to browse and stream on the Internet, we are increasing bandwidth from 300/300 to 1GB/1GB, a 233% increase.

Residents who wish to move to a different location within Willow Valley Communities in the future would apply to the In-House Move Committee and work with the Move team to find a suitable residence.

Your Lifecare contract does not provide for in-home care. If you require personal care or skilled nursing care, your Lifecare contract provides those services in the Personal Care and Skilled Nursing areas on our campus. However, Willow Valley operates a company called Connections at Home that could provide some in-home care services for a fee. We do offer outpatient therapy on each campus.

An annual housecleaning is included. Additional housekeeping services are available at an extra charge.

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