Residents from a variety of backgrounds and experiences call Willow Valley Communities home. Read some of their stories below, as well as updates and other events happening around campus. 

Sailing Life Forward

When Brian Giersch moved to Willow Valley Communities with his wife, Dorothy, he had no intention of giving up his passion for sailing. He has

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Easing Transition

Making your new community your home. Even under the best of circumstances, moving can be a challenge. A seemingly endless number of details in planning

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Chipotle Jackfruit Tacos

Many of our residents enjoy cooking now and then, while at other times they enjoy a variety of vegetarian and vegan-friendly dining options in eleven

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Modeling A Life Lived Forward

What does Willow Valley Communities mean when we say “Life Lived Forward”? Put simply, it’s our philosophy about senior living and retirement. But what, exactly,

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Our Heroes Ad Campaign

Last year, Willow Valley Communities embarked on a very special advertising campaign for FiG Lancaster magazine. FiG magazine celebrates local independent businesses in the city

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