The Freedoms of A Senior Living Community

The Freedoms Of A Senior Living Community

Deciding if moving to a senior living community, especially senior living in Lancaster, PA is right for you? Numerous factors contribute to your decision, especially what you’ll miss and what you’ll gain with this move. We believe the move to a senior living community can be a freeing, exciting new chapter of life.

At Willow Valley Communities, we like to show you the possibilities of a Life Lived Forward. Keep reading to discover some of the amazing freedoms you’ll gain by moving to a senior living community.

Freedom from Things

A perceived hurdle that many senior living community residents choose to overcome as they move is downsizing. Downsizing for seniors has been at the forefront of real estate and senior living news, and provides a great way to decide what “stuff” means the most to you and your family. By downsizing before you move to a senior living community, you may be able to get a smaller residence (which typically means that your monthly fee might be less) and make more room for memories during this new chapter of your life. By moving into an immediately available one-bedroom apartment or similar, you’ll keep fees and upkeep down, allowing you to spend your time and money on the truly important things in your life.

As several Willow Valley Communities residents will attest, downsizing has left them feeling refreshed, independent, and not anchored down by “things.” Dolores Dibartolo, a resident of our Lakes community along with her husband Anthony, says, “We downsized our space, not our life.” Ted Watt, another Lakes community resident, affirms that “I didn’t give up any of my friends or family. I still have my Lancaster life and now I have my Willow Valley life.  And I’m enjoying my life even more.”

Downsizing not only frees you from material tethers and makes room for more memories, but it allows you to redecorate your new home at a senior living community with your favorite possessions. By parting with clutter from your old home, you’re able to find the ideal place in your new space for décor, wall art, and those important sentimental trinkets.

Freedom to Learn

When moving to a senior living community, you enter into an environment with a variety of different individuals, all of whom have something to share. Many of Willow Valley Communities’ residents have had fantastic adventures in their lives – from a recording studio producer who worked with the Jackson 5, to a former NASA employee, to local farmers and business owners, and so many more. As you sit down to dinner or exercise at the fitness center, you’ll enjoy making conversation with those next to you. You never know what you might learn or who you might meet.

Senior living communities typically offer a variety of clubs and organizations that afford residents opportunities to pursue their passions. At Willow Valley Communities, we offer 100+ clubs to indulge our residents’ interests. Residents Armand and Barb Weller continue to pursue their passions at Willow Valley Communities. Armand, a former pastor, shares his feelings, saying, “I would miss preaching and teaching if I couldn’t teach a class now and then. We’re both thankful that at Willow Valley Communities, we’re able to continue to do the things we enjoy. This is a place that does a good job of spoiling you.”

Willow Valley Communities is located in close proximity to several college campuses, where residents have the ability to take continuing education credits or take advantage of ongoing educational opportunities and programs. Some of our residents recently traveled to nearby Elizabethtown College, enjoyed lunch, and attended a lecture about Violet Oakley’s art before returning home.

In addition to educational classes, seminars on subjects from technology to art are usually available to take at no or a low charge. Sometimes, these seminars are taught by other residents who want to share their knowledge with their neighbors.

Freedom to Do What Matters

At a senior living community, your maintenance-free lifestyle creates a huge window of opportunity to plan your days the way you want to spend them. With the new time on your hands, you can indulge in the amenities of your senior living community, travel to see friends, family, or new places, or bring loved ones to your new home.

Many senior living communities offer several (if not dozens) of amenities, including a gym, libraries, salons, and more. Willow Valley Communities remains proud to offer its residents unique and wellness-enhancing amenities such as a full Day Spa, a golf-simulator, a bowling alley, several pools and fitness centers, fishing ponds, fine dining experiences, billiard rooms, and more. Willow Valley Communities is also home to 12 unique culinary venues. Explore a sampling of them here.

Living at a senior living community reduces the hassle commonly associated with traveling. Imagine being able to simply pack your suitcase, lock your door, and go on your way. Willow Valley Communities takes care of the rest, from maintenance to grounds care. Not to mention, with the money you saved by downsizing your space, you can spend your nest egg on travel and related experiences.

With your move comes the pride of sharing your home and community with friends and family. At Willow Valley Communities, we’ve purposefully created intergenerational amenities for your entire family to enjoy. Spend a day at the Clubhouse, where you can snack on classic summertime treats like burgers and ice cream in between swimming and playing arcade games with your grandchildren. Or, challenge your family to a game of bowling at our six-lane alley or take in a round of 18 in our golf simulator. After, enjoy a delicious, fresh meal from Local Table paired with the best beverages for your plates. At night, your family may stay with you or use one of our guest rooms. Your grandkids could even stay with you for a whole week while participating in our annual summer camp for kids, Camp Willow!

Volunteering is also a popular activity for the newly retired. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, those who are 55+ make up nearly 50% of the nation’s volunteer force. In Lancaster, PA, Willow Valley Communities residents have endless opportunities to volunteer, from tutoring in the School District of Lancaster, to helping the Humane Society care for animals, to much more.

Freedom from Worry

Last but certainly not least, moving to a senior living community like Willow Valley Communities can help remove worries about finances, health, and security so you can enjoy this new chapter of your life with peace of mind.

Unlike other fee-for-service retirement homes, Willow Valley Communities is an active senior living community with a one-time entrance cost and monthly fees that give you access to a full continuum of care; our Lifecare promise. For example, if you live in independent living but find your healthcare needs require you to move to personal care, your monthly fee will not increase because of a change in your level of care.

Free Yourself

Life at a senior living community affords you the space, time, and money to do what you want to do, when you want to do it. You may meet new people and learn new things, or you can finally relax and enjoy the company of your loved ones. No matter your preference, Willow Valley Communities enables you to live how you want. You can contact us to learn more or view more of our senior living resources.

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