Chef Fernando in the News

Recently, LNP spotlighted our talented Chef Fernando in two news pieces relative to his journey from Cuba to the United States and the way he’s giving back to families in Lancaster City through his culinary talents.

Both articles are below, with links to download the PDF to your computer or to read it on LNP’s website (requires a subscription).

Cuban chef who reached country on July 4th feels ‘blessed to be US citizen'

The Fourth of July is special to Fernando Garcia, and not just because he’s a relatively new American citizen. He crossed the border from Mexico into America on July 4, 2007.

Melting pot: New citizens share food of their native countries [with recipes]

Before Garcia studied to become a chef in his native Cuba, he learned to cook at home when he was asked to make meals for his two brothers while his parents were working. “In every house, they have their own twist” on the braised beef dish, Garcia says.

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