Rightsizing Seminar

Experience The Newest Trend In Housing

Photo of the Livingroom in Pennington, a one bedroom apartment at Willow Valley Communities.

There’s a new trend in housing and lifestyle, but it isn’t a big one… the trend towards simplicity in living has caught on fast. Thanks to a growing desire for simplicity and freedom, more Americans are enjoying simplified living. Rightsizing, as it’s called, is about learning to live joyfully with less stuff in your way and holding you back.

At Willow Valley Communities, we believe in the freedom to pursue the things that really matter for a more satisfying lifestyle. Clearing the clutter and reducing the size of your living space is “rightsizing” — offering you the flexibility you need to enjoy life to its fullest. At our eye-opening seminar, you’ll get insights into  how to let go of the things you no longer need… navigating the emotional roadblocks of moving… and more.

One example of our beautiful smaller apartment options at Willow Valley Communities.

We’ll also inspire you with a tour of a few of our creatively furnished model apartments*, filled with lots of innovative ideas and space-maximizing techniques so you can visualize your perfect home.

*Contact us to schedule a personalized tour to see even more residence styles, along with our beautiful amenities.

Please note: Masks are no longer required, but are optional if you choose.

No matter where you live within the community, your residence is just the beginning of your experience at Willow Valley. Your home is not just comprised of the four walls you live within, but of everything the community and surrounding area has to offer.

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