Fujie Twilling

“I finally have a chance to pursue my passions.”

We enjoy the location of the community. It is surrounded by Lancaster farm country, but we also enjoy the fact that it is so easy to go to NYC or DC if we want to get away. For us, it’s just the best place to be. Plus, everyone is so friendly, kind and concerned about one another. We’ve never experienced such a caring community. We truly feel like family. Also, I’ve finally had the chance to study watercolors, something I’ve never had the opportunity to do in past.

Meet some of your new neighbors.

Nick Kaebnick
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Our lives are richer and fuller and more satisfying here.

The Dillons
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Willow Valley was the only place that met or exceeded all our requirements.

Ben Hawn
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My fitness is important, and they understood that

The Sahlers
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The rural beauty and small-city sophistication drew us in.

Dolores DiBartolo
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We downsized our space, not our life.

The Wellers
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This is a place that does a good job of spoiling you.

Fujie Twilling
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I finally have a chance to pursue my passions.

Elaine Watters
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I found my center through activities and massages.

Martha McElwain
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I am constantly amazed with the variety of foods served daily.

Betty Price
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Willow Valley Communities has become my family.

The Colliers
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Why look any further?

Elaine Howe & Don Helin
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One look was all it took.

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