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nurse with glasses and white smock interacting and laughing with senior living resident
CNA Training Information

Nursing Assistant Certification Training Information

Willow Valley Communities is a training site for Lancaster County Career and Technology Center-Willow Street Campus; we give LCCTC space to have their classroom on our property. If you are not interested in working for Willow Valley Communities, you will want to contact LCCTC directly to enroll in one of their classes.

If you are interested in working for Willow Valley Communities, we would ask that you first complete an online employment application on our on our careers page. If interviewed and offered a nursing assistant position with Willow Valley Communities, we will then send you to the LCCTC state certification training class. The course is 120 hours over 16 days, made up of classes Monday-Thursday. Willow Valley Communities will pay for the class and state certification test. You will not receive pay while in the class but upon successfully completing the class, you will be placed on payroll the first day of company orientation and will be able to start working in your department after orientation is complete. Employment is dependent on passing the class. You will have 120 days to take and pass the state test.

Your interest in Willow Valley Communities is greatly appreciated. We hope to work with you soon.

PA Nursing Assistant Certification is required to participate.